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Fast and Furious

The Fast and Furious profile is characterized by adrenaline fuelled pursuits, including motor sports. These younger men will typically work to support active hobbies such as; car racing, car restoration, weightlifting. Communications are an important part of their lives and they tend to be “connected” 24/7. The consume media in all forms and scour the Internet for custom parts and pricing. Starting out may require living with parents or sharing a rental property with a roommate. They will spend a higher percentage of their income on discretionary spending, if not on their car then with an eye towards gaming. Thrill seeking is a part of the life, in their cars, hobbies and spare time.

Age: Range between 20 years and 32 years of age

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Single

Purchasing Quality Index: Average 0.5

Vehicle Group: More than 3 years old, less than $28K, generally a practical vehicle that may also display a sporty flair, 2 doors or 4 doors

Preferred Vehicles*: Honda Civic, CRV, Accord 2 door, S2000 Convertible, Toyota Corolla, Yaris, Chrysler Neon, Caliber, Dodge Dart, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Rabbit, Golf, Jetta, Mazda 323, Pontiac G5, Nissan Altima, Maximum, Z, Hyundai Sonata, Scoupe, Accent, Veloster, Genesis Coupe, Used BMW 3 Series, Used Chevrolet Camaro, Used Lexus IS 350, Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, WRX

Home/Condo: Rent alone or with a room-mate also may still live with parents

Home Value: If the property is owned it is generally valued at less than $150K

Income Range: Low end $28K per year; high end $55K per year

Smoker: Higher than average likelihood


*Note – Vehicle list represents typical vehicles preferred but not all possible choices