Social Media Preferences

Decision Matrix

How does the profile make purchasing decisions?

Acquisition Activity

Are profiles actively making purchases and spending money?

Purchasing Quality Index

What does this profile value more? Affordability or Quality?

Trade & Skilled

The Trade & Skilled person has less disposable income with a mixed educational background with some possible trade school. They most likely have a small home or rent and often own more than one vehicle. They enjoy Theme Parks, watching TV, eating snacks and when they live in urban areas will take public transit. They can be found working out in the fitness center or enjoying outdoor activities. They most likely have an auto loan or student loan that needs to be paid. Trade & Skilled will typically work with their hands to create goods and services. They are composed of any race, religious belief, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. These men and women prefer beer over wine, football or hockey over baseball or golf, and camping over a resort vacation. They are engaging in Social media and are expanding how they consume information.

Age: Greater than 25 years old

Gender: Male or Female

Marital Status: Married or Single

Purchasing Quality Index: Average 2.0

Vehicle Group: Greater than 2 yrs old, worth more than $30K

Preferred Vehicles*: Chevrolet Trucks, Ford Trucks, Dodge Trucks, North American SUV’s, Jeeps, Mazda 323, Hyundai, Elantra, Sentra, Honda CRV, Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Impala, Malibu, Chrysler 300 V6, Chrysler 200, Nissan Altima, Maxima,Toyota Camry, Corrolla, RAV4

Home/Condo: May own a home/townhome or are a tenant
Home Value: The home value is generally greater than $150K, but may be less in less populated/rural regions.
Income Range: Low end $40K per year, high end $80K per year.

Smoker: Higher than average likelihood


*Note – Vehicle list represents typical vehicles preferred but not all possible choices